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Does Virtual Reality Have a Future in Video Gaming ?

With the continuous revolutions in the gaming world, gamers want to immerse themselves with a panoptic like experience. To become the actual protagonist in the game, and to be able to feel, observe, and absorb everything and anything the game has to offer. Only a few self-assured tech companies like HTC (Vive) , Facebook (Oculus), and Sony (PlayStation VR) endeavoured to attain such a goal. If you haven’t tried gaming through these products, you are missing a lot! According to a research undertaken by Allied Market Research, the Virtual Reality market is skyrocketing; it was valued at $760 million in 2015 and is speculated to reach $59billion by 2022.

Notwithstanding such soar numbers, there are few pending questions left unanswered about VR within the gaming industry. Is Virtual Reality a wanted and desired method of gaming or is it just a gimmick?

To give you an in-depth view about this industry, recent research has found that there are about 3.1 billion gamers, including up to 1.48 billion of PC gamers. However, considering VR in the equation, there’s still roads ahead of us…
First of all, you have to know the different types of Virtual Reality. In 2021, there are a number of diverse levels of Virtual reality you can experience. To name a few, the first one is console/pc-based VR; Vive and PlayStation VR depend on your gaming device to get the job done. Hence, game storage and graphic generated power are maneuvered by the gaming machine then connected to the VR headset. However, this doesn’t come unchallenged; The VR experience will give you a pleasant result if your computer has all what it takes to run it smoothly, otherwise don’t even bother!

Other VR devices such as the Oculus Quest deliver a more accessible platform with the “Standalone” headset for a more exquisite experience. This piece of tech is wireless and doesn’t prerequisite anything ! Just connect it with your phone and you are ready to stream.

Nevertheless, it may not be as powerful as its wired counterpart, considering graphics, it serves a quick VR experience. That being said, why hasn’t it taken off yet? What are the reasons behind this failure?

There are few explanations, and we will go through them one by one. First and foremost, the pricing is a primal factor that contributed to this lack of endorsement. For instance, the HTC Vive Cosmos values at 1000$ , the Oculus comes at roughly half of the former 500$ and finally the PlayStation VR which is exclusively for PS at 400$. We have listed the most well-known devices, but there are other headsets of course. Another disadvantage that fostered this lack of uptake is a matter of comfort level; in other words, VR headsets may not be as comfy as you expect. Gamers report a discomfort in the neck with pressure on all sides. Other users claim that they’ve experienced headache and eye fatigue after using VR for an extended period of time.

Apart from the aforementioned, VR technology is still a little bit behind for the full immersive experience gamers desire. Full Body tracking, albeit extremely wanted by the gaming community, still remains an unfulfilled wish today. Nevertheless, games like Half Life: Alyx and Beatsaber are well fitted for the VR experience and offer a neat experience worth every penny!

Virtual Reality Gaming seems to have some acutely underestimated aspect that surrounds VR arcades. From virtualized escape rooms towards laser tags, VR arcades make virtual reality gaming approachable and highly sociable. In fact, you may not even know they exist, but in reality, they are plentiful everywhere.

Omni One Prototype :

This may sound way too tech-savvy for you and not your cup of tea, but rest assured, they are not at all that complicated and you actually have one of the most eye-catching gaming experiences you may indulge in and have fun with your friends.
There are still ongoing speculations circulating around VR and its future in gaming. For now, focus on our current decade’s innovative advancements and observe it’s the growing potential.

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