Word games Pros and Cons

We are attracted to puzzles because we like to spot unexplored patterns, and spotting patterns is the key of almost all stages of the human learning. However, can such brain stimulating games actually be bad for us? This essay will look into some of the PROS AND CONS of these puzzles’ games.


On one hand, word puzzle games are more than just a pastime activity. Being a boredom buster, they are actually beneficial to our mental and physical health. Surprisingly, these word search puzzles benefit our lifestyle in such a way that we are not aware of.

Firstly, word puzzles are a great stress releaser. Indeed, each one of us has different lifestyles, choices, and demands. Thus, many of us face financial issues and get stressed. Some might be dealing with medical challenges. Others might have everything but a sense of dissatisfaction which leads to a stressful life.

Therefore, with everything happening in our surroundings, there is a need to turn off the noise for a bit and relax and playing word search games is one way to stretch oneself. It is just like you are meditating. You have only one goal which is to complete the puzzle.

With avoiding the world, muting the noises, and concentrating only on solving the quest. This ultimately releases your stress. Regardless of what you have in your mind, it will be washed away. Moreover, once you solve the word search puzzle right that feeling of accomplishment is beyond words.

Secondly, studies have shown that word search can also be physically beneficial as it can help improve memory, focus, vocabulary, and overall mental acuity.


On the other hand, in some cases these same games can be the reason why we are stressed. For instance, if you cannot find a word on the grid, chances are that frustration will kick in. The longer you struggle to find the hidden word, the more stress can mount. As you can imagine, this can become extremely frustrating and may even result in an angry outburst or a temper tantrum.

To avoid this kind of feeling, we can sometimes cheat and search for help on google regarding the level of the game we are lacking.

Conclusion :

To summarize, word search games are certainly one of the best game categories that almost everyone wants to play. It is surely an exciting and yet challenging game. And as we have mentioned in this article how many studies claim that playing crossword puzzles can provide a wide variety of mental health benefits. However, it can also be damaging in many ways.

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